Wednesday, 4 February 2009

the british words i swore to bring back to the states.

there are quite a few times in which i have been talking when all of a sudden, everyone starts to laugh at me. often times, i am asked to repeat my words. 

according to my british friends:

aluminum is pronounced "al-you-min-yum"

iraq is not meant to be pronounced as "i-raq

leicester is pronounced as "lester"

process is pronounced "prO-sess"

whoever thought that an english speaking person would have to be taught how to speak english?

the three words giles told me to bring back to the states:

1) cling film a.k.a. saran wrap
2) tin foil a.k.a. aluminum foil
3) grimsby football club

these are the phrases that the girls told me to bring back:

1) he is proper fit/ bear buff a.k.a "he's hot"
2) that's well good a.k.a. "really good"
3) i couldn't be bothered a.k.a "i didn't feel like it"

i'm still working on my british accent...i'm not very good. but i suppose none of my american friend will know my english accent is terrible so i might try it out when i'm home anyway :)

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