Thursday, 5 February 2009

familiar faces

early thursday morning, before the sunshine could be seen behind the gloomy clouds, 
i received a phone call from dear elizabeth. "i'm at victoria station." 5:23 a.m. 
i lazily rolled out of bed and headed down snakes lane to the station.
quite a scary experience, due to the forest-like scenery and lack of lighting.

"i'm by the burger king"
"so am i" 
(both of us hopelessly looking around to find the other)
two burger kings in the same station, who would've thought?
by the time we found each other, the coffee shops began to open.
it's crazy how hungry you feel in the morning when you are not occupied with sleeping.
caffeine was a must anyhow.
we nearly skipped through the streets of downtown london, slurring the tune to the bee gees "stayin' alive". 

our first stop was buckingham palace. on the way, we took a stroll through hyde park. it was nice to see so much more than the back of your eyelids before noon.

we stopped by westminster abbey. 
we couldn't quite understand the logic behind charging 12 pounds to walk into a church.
aren't all supposed to be welcome.
we took the photo opportunity in front of big ben just like the rest of the tourist. we never did muster up the tourist to obnoxiously ask everyone what time it was...the cleverness of the idea made us giggle nonetheless. 

i had been wanting to see the salvador dali exhibit seeing as he's one of my favorite artists, so i selfishly suggested the museum for our next destination. elizabeth and i both thought it a marvelous idea. the exhibit was absolutely fascinating. both of us left feeling rather inspired. but the weariness that resulted from our travels caught up to us. we headed back to oakwood wear we finally got in touch with jennifer. we made plans to meet up in southgate that night and slept until the evening hours approached. 

both of us reluctantly woke up to our phone alarms. if it weren't for the amazing new outfits we bought on sale at topshop, we probably wouldn't have been so keen on getting up to beautify ourselves. the word spread that my american friends were coming and so everyone took the opportunity to meet up all together. we kept it local--"wetherspoons"

when jennifer saw elizabeth and i at the southgate station she was so excited that she tried to run through the exit without swiping her ticket. she nearly broke the barriers in a fit of happiness. it was so incredible to see american friends in london-quite a weird experience. 

all of my british friends were amazingly welcoming and nice. we all had a blast together. after wetherspoon closed, everyone continued our gathering in my room. what a completely eventful and exciting day. i have the slight suspicion that i will be needing more visitors for the duration of my journey here. [ i hope you can come visit me mom, i love you]

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