Saturday, 7 February 2009

"where you at?"

there are times in which i am astonished at the timing of things. 
i have to admit, i was feeling a bit melancholy after jennifer and elizabeth left.
i was experiencing one of those pivotal moments in which you reflect on your behavior and make adjustments accordingly. (thanks mom) :)
i had gone to bed quite late after a long night of reading. 
to my surprise, the noise of vibration from my phone woke me in the morning (or should i say afternoon). 
i tried to make my voice sound lively and awake for fear of revealing my embarrassing sleeping habits. "hello?"
it was willie! "where you at?"
"me too! hahaha"
he just so happened to remember that i was in london and decided to give me a call. thank goodness for my unchanged american number. 
he was anxiously awaiting his return to the states and was feeling a bit homesick and i was in definite need of encouragement. 
the timing couldn't have been better. 
we met in central at the pizza hut. 
it is so strange to see familiar faces in unfamiliar settings. 
we both were so excited to meet up. what are the odds huh?
just what i needed. 

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