Wednesday, 11 February 2009

and all that jazz.

ronnie scott's.
apparently it is a very popular and well know jazz club in soho. world-renown and all.  
this statement, of course was solidified by the presence of kevin spacey in the room. 
and the live jazz performance of course. 

at the start of the night giles, will and i met up at the bus stop--waiting for the golden boy as always. we were headed to southgate for a curry dinner before heading into central. as proper lovely guests, we headed to the market to pick up some peppers and such for the meal. 

it was quite nice sitting on the sofa as all the jazz boys sorted out dinner. i was surprisingly impressed with their cooking skills. the food was amazing. it's nice to have a proper meal after living on PB&J for days on end. i decided to wash the dishes as a thank you for the dinner preparations. 

the group of jazz boys adopted me as the only girl in the group for our outing to the jazz club. and the only american too i suppose. lucky me :) it was well funny to hear the discussion and comments of a large group of boys, some slightly vulgar, but entertaining nonetheless. 

when we got to ronnie scott's i felt a bit underdressed in my jeans and banksy t-shirt. not exactly a cocktail dress and heels, but oh well, what can ya do? eating before getting to our destination was definitely a good idea. everything was expensive. it was water and standing for us-- the cheap way is the best way.  

listening to the live jazz music was refreshing. simply a change of pace. while i didn't have the trained critical ear of the boys, i still paid close attention to the different pieces--wanting to soak everything in. it was a lovely evening. 

like the endings to most of our nights, we caught the last tube home and wandered on up to the halls. here, i met up with selina and claire...there were birthday plans to be sorted out. marianne's birth-week was just around the corner. i love living this way. one memorable moment to the next, always having something to anticipate and look forward to. 

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  1. I hear you about being underdressed- here in France, I find that to be common for me. It's kinda funny, but I've learned quickly.