Sunday, 15 March 2009

marianne's "birthweek"

numbers increasing in increments of one
celebrating the passing of another year
the annual milestone known as your birthday. 
i've seen some extravagant festivities as far as birthdays go, but never before has a birthday extended an additional 6 days, thus creating a "birthweek". ...leave it to marianne to be the first.

it all started with a little thing i call a surprise party 
(which was disguised as a birthday dinner). 
selina used her incredible cooking skills to make delicious treats for everyone. 
giles and dave helped me put up streamers and balloons. 
ollie got everyone to shut up and turn off the lights as the surprise was about to be unveiled.
it truly was a group effort. 
and the party was lovely. 

next up was 2 for 1 cocktails at camden 55 bar. 
a place in which there is a blatant requirement to have good looking employees. 

...yet another social gathering in marianne's room....
        .....dinner at nando's in enfield in which marianne and i decided to get super spicy burgers
              ....not to mention the incredibly accurate depiction of andrew on marianne's birthday                         card thanks to claire's talent and skill. 

the celebration of marianne's birth could not have been better. twenty years. say goodbye to marianne's youth, she's become quite the lady :)

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