Sunday, 22 March 2009

castles and cathedrals.

sadly enough, i was not feeling in the best tip top shape. 
my energy was dwindling. 
the feeling clearly self inflicted from my late nights. 
although i must say that the entire team of rugby boys in the next room did not do much for my recovery. six bunk beds of ten-year-old boys without adult supervision is bound to cause some boisterous disorder. 
but i was determined to see the sites despite the obstacles of rest. 
i've never had much luck with maps but i figured the touristy ones at the hostel would be much more fool proof than the rest. 

i started with trinity college. partick's cathedral and park...
........dublin castle...
...........natural history museum
................the custom house
...................christ church cathedral.
these are the structures that fill the frames of my photographs. it is quite difficult to take pictures of yourself without 3/4 of your arm blocking the left half of the shot. no need to take silly myspace pictures in ireland. 

i also made a decision to do some therapy shopping. 
the streets that were lined with flowers, not to mention all the girls holding them, started to irritate me. PDA all around. single awareness day is not my cup of tea. thank goodness i wasn't in paris. 
it seemed that buying a few new dresses was a more than suitable solution. 

in between my tourist endeavors and shopping spree i witnessed some things you don't see every day. 
-a "viking tour" in which a bunch of tourist rode in a boat car with viking hats, making loud grunting noises as the tour guide pointed out interesting facts about the town. 
- a bunch of little rugby boys attempting to join in the guinness drinking game in the game room of the hostel. 
-a plethora of stale bread and jam advertised as an extravagant "free breakfast". 

good times. 

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