Thursday, 19 March 2009

hillsong london.

from the day that i left i swore to pay a little visit to hillsong london. 
and so i kept true to my word. 
in fact, it was quite the trek to get there. 
i arrived a little bit late because of the unanticipated length of my walk from the tube station.
i was seated near the back of the theater where the service took place. 
but i had a clear view of the stage nevertheless and an overwhelming sense of the amount of people attending. 
the set up of the stage replicated the hillsong united dvd that i've seen about a billion times. 
they sang 'savior king'. which reminded me of iz and willie. 
in fact, the entire experience reminded me of home. 
it was so refreshing to be at church. and i left with a peace and joy like no other. 

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