Sunday, 22 March 2009

wholly isolated in adventure.

when i arrived in dublin, i was so appreciative of the little notes i wrote down.
scribbled in the corner of my notebook page was directions to my hostel. 
a doodle in dark black ink was my "map". 
jacob's inn had the honor and privilege of being the first youth hostel that i've ever inhabited. 
i was glad to hear friendly irish accents as i checked in. 
as i walked out of the doors to explore the town, i soon found that there were plenty of people eager to be extra friendly...a little too friendly. 
for the record, it is very difficult to ditch creepsters without the assistance of your friends. 
this australian boy invited himself on my exploration of the the city. 
i have never had a conversation filled with more awkward comments and even more awkward silences. i surprised it took me such a long amount of time to conjure up an excuse for exit. 

no need to go through the other numerous encounters on the streets of dublin.
i'll sum them up for you:  whistle. dance? day-um. 

the temple bar district was interesting. 
clearly set up for tourist. 
most signs said something like "authentic irish music inside"
things of that sort. 
the cobblestone streets caused a real problems for all of the inebriated girls in high heels. 

i ended up going to bed quite early. 
it was wonderful to be in full control of the itinerary. 
i would wake with every opportunity to create my own adventure with no opposition. 
being alone in ireland for valentine's day weekend didn't turn out too bad after all. 

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