Monday, 23 March 2009

when tesco opens.

being back in london felt great.
i was already completely attached to the people that i've met here.
staying away from them for three days was agonizing.  
but the timing of things worked out quite well. 
we had plans to see jarrett's gig all together as soon as i returned. 
so i put on on of my new dresses and we headed off. 

we stepped into the dimly lit room after a bit of a walk. 
our strength in numbers filled the room. 
as jarrett's band began to play, it was clear that he had quite the fan club.
we showered him with compliments. "so buff!" "so buff babes". 
jesse quin himself had to acknowledge the overwhelming enthusiasm on display especially for our friend. 

by the time the show ended kebabs were sounding pretty good. 
it was because of our little stop to feed our tummies that we nearly missed the last tube. 
there we were. on the platform waiting for the tube. 
jarrett and liam were entertaining us with a little rendition of SNL's "dick in a box". 
but after a while we were sure that we missed the tube that we needed to go home. 
before we knew it we were running through the station. high heels and all. 
jarrett was yelling "last tube. last tube. run"
we made it. 

after finally reaching oakwood station, 
we collectively decided to stop by our friend chris' house. 
hour after hour passed with loud singing and rather philosophical conversations. 
laughs all around. and pictures to capture the moments. 
5 am rolls around. so of course, we have to wait for tesco to open so that the boys can buy some sandwiches. 6:30 comes, and selina and i found ourselves walking up snakes lane and to our beds. 
you know that you've had a good night when you go to bed after the sun rises. 

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