Thursday, 19 March 2009

top o' the mornin' to ya'

until the night before, my preparation for my trip to ireland had gone swimmingly. 
train tickets and ferry journeys were all set to go.
i wrote down directions to my hostel and everything. 
but then i found myself suddenly convinced that, because of my soon-to-be three day absence, that i should go out to a club with my friends. i hadn't even properly packed, but i figured that i was alright at last minute packing anyways. 
i met up with stine, marianne and selina.
and of course we can't forget james and james. 
it ended up being quite the expensive outing with the cab and all
...but it was so worth it.
not to be cliche, but we danced the night away. 
literally, as in- we were well into the morning hours when we finally got back to halls. 
2 hours to pack and sleep. i split the time 50/50.


well thank goodness most of the population is fast asleep at 5 in the morning
because i would've been extremely embarrassed if anyone saw the speed-walking number i was doing down snakes lane. 
if it weren't for my large backpack, i would've more than likely broke into a jog.
but the lack of sleep was working against me. 
by the time i reached victoria station, i was nearly late for my train. 
approximately two minutes to spare. 
and in those 120 seconds, i was able to sprint towards the last platform to my train. 
just my luck that it was all the way down at the end. 

i was finally on the train. relief. time for nap time part two.
by the time i arrived in dublin, my sleep had been interrupted by my necessity to change trains twice and board a ferry. not to mention the screaming kids that went wild on deck 12. 
but finally, i had arrived. my second wave of relief had come. 

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