Thursday, 22 January 2009


while our sombreros were an essential part of our fiesta preparations, there was still much to be done. i went along to southgate with selina, claire and marianne. it was time for some more shopping. we were in desperate need of comida mexicana. for all of those who don't know, there is a place that exists here that is referred to as asda. our american equivalent would be known as wal-mart. needless to say, cheap food was deemed our new mission. 

we were pretty efficient with our list of things to get. we started with the avocados and ended with a couple bottles of tequila. we picked up don taquito the donkey pinata on the way. a couple of observations: 1) the english like their "crisps" (potato chips). there were five bags of tortilla chips in a entire isle full of "crisps". 2) no wonder americans over-eat . their portion sizes are 20 times the size of the brits'. no "party size", no "family size" here. 

the only thing to do now was to send out our facebook invitations and coordinate a game plan for  making our feast. we had a lot of quesadilla making ahead of us. 

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