Monday, 19 January 2009

camden town. our sombrero mission.

friday night, in the midst of all the fun, a plan was underway for a mexican fiesta.
for all of you who said that i would crave mexican food, you were wrong.
when there's a will, there's a way.
one of the definite decisions we made was to purchase sombreros.
the fiesta would not be complete without them.
so the next morning...or should i say the afternoon (seeing as we all woke up at 2:30), 
marianne, selina and i headed into camden in search for sombreros. 
it was very difficult for me to concentrate on our mission. 
the streets were lined with fabulous vintage shops. 
i was in heaven.
thank goodness for marianne who kept us on track with our shopping.
after walking around for quite some time, we resorted to asking various workers where we might find the prized items we've been looking for.
the incense/candle shop owner knew just where to find them.
we found ourselves at the door of a costume shop.
mission accomplished.
we are nearly ready for a fiesta.

we rewarded our job well done with falafel king. 
a small little hole in the wall place that sold us falafel wraps for 3 pounds.
it was quite delicious.

claire, dave, guy and giles met us near the station.
all of us decided to attend a show (or "gig" as they called it).
the jazz boys had a friend who's band was playing.
we ventured through these old cobblestone sort of roads until we reached the venue.
it was a trendy little place, dimly lit with these dangled florescent lights. 
back past the stage were separate rooms that were structured like large horse stables. each named and decorated differently. 
the bands were quite good. i only wish that i had more energy. all the excitement from the last couple of days wore on me. coffee can only help so much.
i headed home on the tube a bit early and went to bed. 

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  1. aww it was sooo fun <3 bring on the fiesta!!