Thursday, 22 January 2009

it's birthday time in cockfosters

here in jolly ol' england, your twenty-first birthday isn't nearly as important as your eighteenth birthday. the big "one-eight" is apparently quite a big deal. 
our dear friend ollie invited everyone to celebrate his girlfriend's birthday. 
having only met katy once before, i only knew that she was a lovely girl deserving of a proper party. the night before, marianne and selina picked out a few lovely gifts to bring her. 

as we prepared for departure, we ventured off to tesco express- a small supermarket nearby the station. there was a huge debate concerning our mode of transportation. unlike california, gas guzzling, air-polluting SUVs are not the problem. the dilemma was choosing between tube, taxi or feet. our laziness cancelled out walking straight away. we finally opted for the taxi. two in fact, seeing as we brought a herd of people. we arrived and stepped forward to the doorway. the rest of the group spurted out their memories of ollie's house--past parties and get-togethers recalled with blurred distinction.  in exchange for our welcome into the house, we handed katy her gifts and card. she accepted them with humility and gratitude. 

we immediately pulled out the camera for our photo shoot session. we had been anticipating this. after all, new friendships should be accompanied with new pictures of new memories. 
as part of the group headed of to central, some of us returned back to the halls. i was in need of sleep for my lecture and seminar the next day. 

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