Monday, 19 January 2009

my introduction to london night life. cheapskates.

in the afternoon i attended my "shakespeare and sexuality" class.
disappointingly enough, we don't talk about the sex that is in shakespeare's plays.
the first 6 weeks deal with the machoism we call masculinity. 
and the second six weeks deal with the daintiness we call femininity. 

they split our class time up into lectures and seminars.
the lecture consists of being talked at for and hour and a half.
fun stuff.
they don't require much thinking on the part of the student.
the lecture notes were handed to us. 
the only expectation- to sit quietly and listen.

the seminar was similar to our classes in america.
a lot of discussion.
although i didn't finish henry v, my contribution to the conversation was more than efficient.
those are the times i am thankful that the american education system teaches you to conjure up BS answers that sound quite informed. 


as promised, the girls that live in my hall knocked on my door to solidify the plans we had to go out that night. i quickly fixed my makeup and walked down to marianne's room which seems to be home base for all the going out plans. i cannot even begin to describe how genuine and nice this group is. my writing cannot even do it justice. the girls gave me a sort of profile on everyone as quickly as they could. who's dating who, what people study, where people are from. i was so thankful to be caught up to speed. 

when the entire group was rallied up we headed to soho to go to a club. cheapskates holds true to its name. everyone enjoys inexpensive drinks and admission. it was so refreshing to go to a club where the girls didn't look like they popped out of a 50cent music video. instead everyone looked like they came out of nylon magazine. there were no do-rags in sight. no ed hardy gear. this place contrasted everything i abhor in california clubs. the music was phenomenal: mgmt, santogold, justice etc. i couldn't have had a better first impression. everyone danced the night away. we left at 3am or so and took the night bus back to oakwood. the jazz boys sang some familiar tunes most of the way home. we laughed at the differences between our accents. apparently i say "process" incorrectly :) 

i visited selina's room when we got back to the halls. i just had to thank her for my adoption into their group. what lovely people. 


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  1. Awww..*hugs*..glad you had fun.
    I love reading blogs!! Hope you enjoy your time in London and don't feel too homesick:)