Monday, 19 January 2009


it's friday. i have no classes to go to and i had decide to do some exploring of my own.
my original plan was to visit the tate modern museum.
i mapped out where i needed to go like a good responsible tourist. 
but there was a change of plans when the tube was having signaling difficulties and was delayed for indefinite amount of time. 
no worries. i'll improvise.
selina told me that if i took the bus across from the station that i would reach a shopping area in enfield. seeing as i needed a warmer coat for the nice sunny days we have here, i decided that that would be my new plan for the day. 

getting there was just fine. i felt so accomplished. 
i bought a coat at top shop for half price. 
it is so incredibly lovely.
when it was time to return, i was certain that i had found the right bus stop to get back to campus. i suppose that's what i get for thinking i was right. not only did i get on one wrong bus, i then got on another bus that took me to who knows where. at its last stop, the driver could see i was a bit panicked. i was in the middle of nowhere. 
"where are you trying to get to dear?"
my reply: "ummmm oakwood."
kindly he says, "oh sit down darling."

i was clearly far away from where i needed to be.
he changed his route and took me back.
i was pretty lucky. what a nice man, helping out a stupid tourist like me.

i was relieved to be home. i suppose i just took a detour :)
i met marianne, linda, selina and guy for dinner. 
afterwards, we headed back to campus.

so i know this may be difficult for most to believe, but there is a bar directly on campus. it is fondly referred to as SU. (the student union bar). their radio DJs play music and they turn their cafeteria into a dance floor. this is where we hung out the rest of the night. there were so many students there. we danced and had a proper good time. when the DJ stopped playing, we all headed back to marianne's room where her computer became our new DJ. slowly but surely, we all headed back to our rooms and fell asleep. 

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