Monday, 19 January 2009

oh henry V where art thou?

i don't regularly have class on tuesdays.
but on the first tuesday i spent here i went to meet with my shakespeare professor. a jolly ol' bloke who informed us of our upcoming reading of henry v. 
naturally, i used this as an excuse to visit central london once again in hunt for a book store.
i also wanted to assure myself of my ability to reach central and get back safely without any difficulty of public transportation. 
i started off simple.
the piccadilly line takes you straight from oakwood into central. one straight shot. easy enough.
two girls from chapman: leslie and kari, decided to come along. lovely companionship for the night's outing. besides, they also needed to purchase a copy of the play.


there is simply an indescribable energy in the air.
we approached piccadilly circus, which is similar to what i imagine new york city to be like.
big lighted advertisements. tons of tourists incessantly taking pictures. it was amazing.
we walked as far as oxford street. it was there that i had my first encounter with the glorious five stories of clothing they call top shop. certainly, that would not be my last visit.
that store kicks urban outfitter's ass :) surprisingly i restrained from purchasing bags upon bags of unnecessary additions to my wardrobe. i'll save that for later. 

we found a borders book store and finally found a shakespeare section. can you believe they didn't include him in the "classics" section? 

after our mission was accomplished. we safely headed home. we had some reading to do.

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