Saturday, 31 January 2009

we just wanted starbucks...

although i am indeed in the land of tea drinkers, i still enjoy my coffee. 
it was cold, and rainy... as usual. marianne, selina and i though that a trip to starbucks was definitely a good idea. after all, most of the ideas that we come up with are good. 
it was one of those conversations that starts out with a small plan and suddenly explodes into a combination of ideas that make up an all day event. selina needed wool for her creative projects and a new pair of jeans from topshop, marianne needed a corset for the upcoming burlesque night from primark, and i am up for coffee and shopping anytime. 

despite looking a mess, we headed into central. greasy hair and all. it took us quite some time to get to oxford street, but the walk was quite enjoyable. 
i was able to contain myself once again from purchasing bags full of clothes from topshop. selina, however, found an amazing pair of skinny jeans that fit her perfectly. we had starbucks-- coffee for me and hot chocolate for the two non-coffee drinkers and finished the shopping experience with a trip to primark. 
let me explain the glory of this particular retail location.
i bought: 
2 pairs of shoes
1 purse
3 pairs of tights
7 pairs of socks
1 pair of high-waisted shorts
5 hair bows
1 necklace
....for 29 pounds!!!!!

enough said.

after we returned i headed into camden with claire, dave and linda to watch guy's gig. 
the night ended with dancing and music. the air filled with the sound vibrations of the guitar and drums. as i watched the bands play, i observed the sincerity in which the group of friends supported each other in their passions and pursuits. clapping and cheering with enthusiasm. what lovely people, what a wonderful day. 

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