Saturday, 31 January 2009

fiesta fiesta

for weeks upon weeks, there was a heightened anticipation for the event that had come to be called "the mexican fiesta". for those who didn't know the proper terminology- "the mexican party". i didn't even bother correcting the name that clearly lacked an authentic flare. after all, it isn't their fault they never had the pleasure of being neighbors with mexico

i am proud to announce that we did not burn any tortillas beyond salvage in our chaotic quesadilla making frenzy. by the 16th quesadilla we had a definite system that worked quite well. when the guacamole was made, the chips were put on their trays, and the salsa jars were open, we headed to marianne's room. pablo the mini-mexican man welcomed us into the room decorated in bright balloons, sombreros casually lying around, with vibrant colors of red, green and yellow everywhere. we took the time in which the room was scarcely occupied to take a few pictures and get a head start in our tequila drinking. it wasn't before long that our amigos started to wander into our mexican fiesta world. in fact, so many people wandered through the room that the capacity of the room was filled to its maximum. people spilled out of the door and through the halls. 

needless to say, the rest of the night was a bit of a blur. i believe i cut my friend's hair. i'm not sure why he trusted me to do that with the alcohol that was in my system, but i did quite well nonetheless. hours filled with laughter and music. cameras were flashing everywhere. it is difficult to sort specific events of the evening. the atmosphere was overwhelming with the amount of people and conversations. in the end, the fiesta was a definite success. as people wandered back to their rooms to wipe off their fake black mustaches and go to bed, i noticed the clock that read "4:07 am". it was time to call it a night. 

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