Sunday, 18 January 2009

bus tour and meet the floor

once again we found ourselves in central london.
we took a proper tour with our bus tour guide.
although, i don't suppose we needed one seeing as there is no history or culture to learn about :)
i feel as though we were given such a small sample of all that london has to offer.
i'm sure i will be re-visiting all the places that they brought us to, so that i can soak everything in.

we went to buckingham palace, although queeny liz wasn't there. we drove around hyde park, a place in which i am planning a picnic outing to. london tower, tower bridge...there is so much that we saw i'm not sure i could list them all. 

after the tour, we were dropped off in covent garden. there were street performers, tons of little shops and so on. i ate a classic meal of fish and chips. chips meaning french fries. i figured i had to have them at least once for the duration of my stay here. 


just as i was beginning my bedtime routine, brushing my teeth, washing my face...i heard a loud commotion  coming from the hall. while my experience of the halls was a sort of introduction, the other students were celebrating a reunion after christmas holiday.  just moments later i had a knock on my door. a quick recitation of names and a friendly hello. i could not believe how friendly and welcoming all the students were from the get-go. they were excited about our similar music taste and interest and invited me to go out with them on wednesday. 

already something to look forward to. 

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