Sunday, 18 January 2009

first impressions.

i have two words for you: jet. lag.

the time difference was apparent immediately. 

as i came around the corner out of baggage claim, i was greeted my two student helpers in rather bright red shirts and red middlesex university lollipops. not like the the candy. a round sign on a long pole. i was surprised at how much concentration it took to understand their english accents. it might have been the speed at which they were spewing out questions at me. i did not exactly want to talk about obama after a 9 hour flight. but i smiled and nodded politely. 
you couldn't deny their friendliness and sincere curiosity. 

as the students took me to the "meeting spot" i was greeted by study abroad coordinators and the like. sam, a rather good-looking australian man... that is married, explained some of the wonderful things that were planned for us this weekend and throughout the semester. 

we arrive at our campus after driving through a forest of trees and fields of grass. as i looked to the left there stood "the mansion", a beautiful brick building. what a focal point of the campus. to the right were gabbay halls. while they are a bit less glamorous than the mansion, a room with a bed was just fine for my sleep-deprived body. the day was a bit of a blur with my nearly sleep-walking state. we ventured off to asda (our wal-mart equivalent) to buy some last minute items. i unpacked my suitcase into my temporary home. and went to sleep quickly. 

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