Saturday, 31 January 2009

dinner with the ladies.

after the fiesta, there was a consensus in favor of a health and financial recovery.
we sleepily wandered the halls most of the afternoon until a plan to go out to dinner was confirmed--just the girls. we convinced becky to come along as well, despite her strict budget in preparation for her trip to vienna. claire, selina, marianne, linda and myself took the golden boy to the bus stop and headed into enfield. we found ourselves at pizza express. don't be fooled by the mention of pizza, it was a pretty fancy place. try to erase you pre-conceived notions of party food; it was more like italian cuisine at its finest. i had the american pizza, apparently peperoni pizza is an american thing. i found it appropriate seeing as i was the only girl from the states at the table. all of us were relieved to have a proper sit-down meal after our continuous consumption of snack foods. 

one of the many difficulties of being a college student is that money tends to disappear without much warning. perhaps the warning signs are all the great memories--we just do not like to think of them as money-sucking events. because evidence of dwindling money was clearly on everyone's mind, i had a little surprise up my sleeve... "check please!" was only because i am so appreciative of my new friendships. i love these girls.

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