Sunday, 18 January 2009

the hunt for treasure

there are certain things that america needs to adopt from england.
for instance, college students love free food, exploration, free money, fun and games and drinking. 
why mention such things?
oh, just because this is what our "orientation" consisted of.
shocked? i know. let me explain.

all study abroad students were given a free breakfast and lunch at the hendon campus. 
we were given a few speeches about the activities available for us on campus and the support we are offered.
we were then directed to the nearest tube station where we headed into central london.
all of the students were split into teams, given a "to do list" and a map.
our time limit was two hours.
the team who completed the most tasks on their paper with in the time limit won a wonderful prize.
what was it that motivated us so?
a 50 pound tab and the pub. this is where the treasure hunt ended.
our team didn't win.
but the entire experience was amazing.
big ben. the national gallery. the river thames. the eye. 

so  much to see, so little time.

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